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  • In 2005 we engaged Asset Technologies to provide modeling on a transaction in the Mexican mortgage market where we were providing a partial credit guarantee. During that transaction they were not only modelers, rather they became proactive team members who we relied on for many aspects of the transaction, from raw data acquisition and analysis to sounding out structuring ideas to mitigate risks of our exposure. Asset Technologies has provided quality services and on-time deliverables to our team on a range of transactions across Latin America. - Kelle Bevine
  • Data requests are often a difficult process because the people asking aren't technical enough to communicate effectively with the people who manage the data. This is particularly true when the data scale is as large as ours. Asset Technologies made the process as easy as possible. They knew exactly what they were after and were able to request the right data the first time and in a way we could readily repeat. Once they had the data they were able to distill it down to exactly what was needed. - Victor Cos Montiel
  • I wanted to commend you for your huge contribution to the crucial IRRF closing that Infinity Transportation completed in August. Your OnRAMP platform proved to be the key to our being able to scrub every assumption on 3640 assets over and over as the negotiations progressed. Your system allowed us to reprice the transaction almost daily as assets were added and deleted from the prospective sale. And it wasn't just the system: the two of you made yourselves available with virtually no notice over and over to manage all the iterations. That $80 million sale was absolutely key to our entire enterprise and our business plan, and it simply would not have closed without the two of you, your technical skills and your willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder with us during the madness of the last several months before the closing. Thank you so much! - Eugene Martini
  • Structuring a securitization transaction is a difficult process and accurate results are important. Many components need to be addressed and verified. Asset Technologies has proven repeatedly that they can do more than just verify a model. They can convert raw data into meaningful analyses, build their own models to validate our results, provide meaningful input, and assist in problem solving. Jared and Neil have been competent and professional under closing pressures. In every transaction in which we have utilized their services, they have proven invaluable.- Patrick Reagan
  • Since 2006 Asset Technologies has been our trusted source for custom modeling and analytics. In addition to modeling to facilitate our trust issuances we have also benefited from their OnRAMP platform. Having consistent reporting has allowed us to readily address questions that were previously difficult to handle. And whenever we've needed something a little extra they've always been willing to help.

    Asset Technologies is professional and responsive, and I consider them a trusted member of my team.
    - John Rauschkolb
  • Asset Technologies was tasked with building a detailed scenario analysis model for our rail car operating lease fleet. Even though they were relatively new to the rail leasing space they delivered an extremely robust and flexible model. The model allowed us to apply different revenue and expense assumption parameters to any subset of cars we wanted. It also provided aggregated results across any subsets of cars that were of interest to us. They then leveraged their OnRAMP platform to keep the model live, which has greatly facilitated our ability to produce up to date results on an ongoing basis.

    We look forward to working with Asset Technologies again in the future.- Mike McCarthy
  • In the course of running a business, financial models often grow to the point where they become unwieldy and cumbersome. We engaged Asset Technologies to rebuild an important financial model that had reached its tipping point. They quickly evaluated our changing needs and revised our existing model to accommodate the business going forward. We were very pleased with the model they delivered. It provided increased flexibility and accuracy, while simplifying the user experience.- Richard Landau
  • We've worked with Asset Technologies almost since their inception in 2004. In that time we have partnered on dozens of projects ranging from start-up mortgage platforms to transactions for established issuers in Latin America. Their modeling and analytics capabilities have been a key extension of our due diligence business. Whether it's navigating the rating agencies, investment banks, regulators, or our own clients they have proven to be a trusted partner.- Walter Marotta
  • We engaged Asset Technologies to build a model that was central to our management's ability to provide financial projections. By creating the core functionality of the model, which provided a simple and efficient scheme that allowed us to link into existing reporting models, they significantly shortened the development time of the project. The core functionality was provided as a flexible, expandable, and stable platform. The model was delivered on time and the Asset Technologies staff was very helpful in bringing us up to speed on how to utilize all of its features.- LaBron Neal
  • Third-party requests for data are usually poorly thought out. As a result satisfying those requests requires multiple iterations and a lot of wasted effort. By contrast, Asset Technologies leveraged their technical capabilities to become knowledgeable about our data, right down to the schema of our database. We were able to give Asset Technologies the permissions they needed to independently accessw the necessary data with no editing capability and zero interruptions thanks to their flexibility and knowledge of Oracle based systems. The result was a robust data transfer protocol that linked us up to their OnRAMP system without modifying our existing infrastructure. Asset Technologies have been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them again. Their responsiveness to questions has been prompt and more than courteous. - Stephanie Cassamas
  • We engaged Asset Technologies to develop a custom probabilistic model to facilitate a complex life settlement transaction. Beyond just building a robust and powerful tool they were a very valuable resource for discussing how the structure could and should work. They were proactive in thinking through and demonstrating the merits of one structural feature over another. We found them to be accessible, easy to work with and responsive to our needs throughout the project. We look forward to growing our relationship with them over the coming years.- Jason Wolfe
  • We engaged Asset Technologies to create a projection model for our leasing business in the transportation sector. Shortly after delivery of the model the coronavirus pandemic hit requiring fundamental changes to our short term business plan. Their model was flexible enough to handle nearly all of the unforeseen circumstances that arose, and where it wasn’t they were available to jump in and make the needed adjustments. They have been responsive under time pressure and having their model in place was critical to us getting through a difficult time for the business.- Eric Rothman
  • We reached out Asset Technologies in August of 2017 on the recommendation of a colleague who had been using their services for years. We were trying to determine our best option for securitizing a pool of about $200 million of loans. It was our first time executing a transaction of that type and the process was long and often frustrating. Asset Technologies not only provided the modeling services we engaged them for, but also provided structuring advice and invaluable help negotiating a path forward with the rating agencies. The deal finally closed in December of 2020 and we look forward to continuing to work with Asset Technologies as their OnRAMP system will be providing the ongoing analysis and reporting that we need. Asset Technologies has consistently gone above and beyond. Their commitment is evident in every way. We appreciate their professional approach and attention to detail, and we look forward to utilizing their services in the future.
    - Elena Chong